The Pain Adaptifyed Solves

What is the pain?

A Win – Win – Win Solution to an Active Problem

There are three players involved in monetization of a publishing asset:  the publisher, the advertiser, and the user.

People have tried to solve the monetization of downloadable files with varying levels of success.  Up until now, only partial solutions have been available, such as paywalls and subscription systems.  Sites like attempt to monetize their downloads, but end up with complex firewalls, confusing navigation,  and webpages cluttered with ads that do little, other than annoy the site’s users.

At one point, Adobe tried an advertising system for PDFs,  where ads were embedded in the thumbnail panel of the PDF. Other groups attempted to embed the ads directly into the PDF document pages. Neither system succeeded, because the ads were persistent and users found them to be excessively intrusive.


ADAPTifyed™ solves for all three

WIth the ADAPTifyed™ System:

  1.  Publishers receive a way to monetize their PDfs (and other downloads) without disrupting their site structure
  2.  Advertisers discover a premium placement ad with high visibility and little, or no visual competition.
  3.  Users end up with a better user experience with related content offers, instead of the intermidiable twirling download icon.

ADAPTifyed™ is a Win – Win – Win Solution


Many Filetypes – No Overall Solution?

Publishers create a lot of content, often in the form of downloadable files, the most prevalent of which is the PDF file. Although there are now myriad ways to monetize webpages, there isn’t a satistfactory way to monetize web files.

In the past few years, ways to monetize certain types of files have popped up, such as streaming videos, apps, and mp3s with groups such as YouTube and iTunes, butdownload icons

What if there was an easy way to monetize ANY downloadable file?

That was the question we set out to solve with ADAPTifyed