The Opportunity

A Look at the Opportunity

The Opportunity

The adaptifyed™ system addresses a three- part need.

  1. There are millions of files that need monetization, and are currently either under monetized or completely unmonetized, so publishers love the ability to make additional money from materials they like to create.

  2. Advertisers  look for ad placements with high visibility. Since the Omnistitial™ creates a premium placement with eyeballs-only visibility, advertisers love the placement.

  3. Users have the choice of looking at the download spinner or bar, or the omnistitial with related content, which makes the Omnisitial™ one of the few ad types that users actually look at as beneficial.

A Huge Opportunity in an Overlooked Market Segment



Downloadable filetypes and quantities


Hundreds of millions of downloadable files with billions,
if not trillions,of download instances are online, and until now there has been no satisfactory
way to monetize them. ADAPTifyed™ plans to change that.