Although the monetization of many startup platforms is in question when they first start, this isn’t the case for adaptifyed™.  We took a look at the montezation right from the beginning.  Because of the flexibility built into the system, we can choose the best method for each particular downloadable file.

3 Primary Internet Advertising Models


cost per click​

With ​CPC advertising,an advertiser pays a feeeach time a user clicks on an ad, (if no one clicks on the add, the advertiser pays nothing).


cost per thousand​

​With CPM advertising,an advertiser pays a fee foreach instance that the ad is shown on the web site (if no one clicks on the ad, the advertiser still pays a fee).


cost per action​

With CPA, an advertiser pays a fee each time the use completes an action (e.g., fills out a form or makes a purchase).​​

Advertisers are constantly looking for opportunities to efficiently target users with specific information about their products and services. As an indication of the pervasiveness of these forms of advertising, Google and Facebook each generate over 95% of their continually growing revenues from businesses paying for such advertising.