The Aha! Moments

In February 2013, Google listed over 718 million PDFs in the open web.

Google now lists over 1.19 Billion…

Now imagine monetizing them for the 1st time…

PDF download

PDF download

One of the first Aha Moments was that we could design a robust, decentralized system to monetize PDF files.

The advertisement would be tied to the length of the download; it would be in a preferred viewing position making the ad a premium ad placement; and it would close once the download was complete.



Patented 2016

The second Aha moment came with the realization that one of the most essential needs of the system was determining who had the right to monetize each downloadable file, that it could be accomplished, and that the system to do so was patent-worthy.


The third Aha! was actually more of an OMG! moment. We could do this with more than just PDF files! 

Any downloadable file could be monetized with this system…


 The final Aha! was that any monetizable content could be used on the other end of the system: ads, affiliate merchandise, monetized search, products, anything… the sky was the limit.