Admitting my bias since I’m a “designer and technology” Founder, I enormously thrilled by the 2015 report on Design in Tech. According to this new report from John Maeda of Kleiner Perkins Caufield & ByersSilicon Valley, designer-lead companies are some of the most profitable and successful. Let’s hear it for the CVOs (Chief Visionary Officers) of the tech world, who see the vision of the company and “Make it so.”
According to the report:
“Design has become a game changer in Silicon Valley. Last year, John Maeda joined KPCB as the firm’s first Design Partner, joining from his role as the President of the Rhode Island School of Design. Now, in his inaugural #DesignInTech Report, Maeda highlights the rising importance of design in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Drawing on extensive research and his own conversations with hundreds of designers, Maeda examines the intersection of design and technology. The report covers trends ranging from the record amounts of funding flowing into design-led startups to M&A activity with major tech corporations. Beyond designers and technologists, the report will appeal to a broad audience. For all of us who use a computer or mobile device, great design is changing how we live and work. This report helps explain why.”