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What is Adaptifyed™?

ADAPTifyed™ is a patented system for monetizing downloads.

For publishers: we can help you turn your existing downloadable files into revenue, improve your user experience by reducing the clutter of page-persistent ads, and increase your revenue with high viewability placements.

As publishers, we spend a substantial chunk of our days creating materials for our users. Those materials are our assets. Learning how to monetize those assets, can be painful and eat into the time we’d rather spend creating them.  This is the problem I had, and part of the reason that we created Adaptifyed.  We’ve now created systems to monetize your assets painlessly and efficiently.  If you’d like an invitation to use our system while we’re in Beta, please send us your contact information below.

For Non-profit organizations:  we’ve created a patented internet underwriter system. The goal is to help you create a sustained revenue using downloadable documents on your site to give visibility to mission-aligned sponsors.  We also have a special fundraising system that we’ve created just for you, which matches items that are mission-aligned to your organization to keep you from running afoul of the IRS and FTC regulations.  The more PDFs and other downloadable files you have on your website, the more opportunities you’ll have to bring in sustained income for your organization.

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